This book of poems will touch anyone who reads it. The poems make you think and look at your life and help you to see that there are others going through some of the same things that you have been through. I highly recommend this book as well as his other books, The Timelightenment series books 1 through 5. Very talented author. Can't wait for volume 2.

Vonda C. Bell

The book was great!!! Truly makes you open your eyes to the world we live in, how we view it, and ourselves.

Clara McClenton

Leroy is an awesome writer. I would recommend reading his books for any age.

Melissa Elwood


Soulsplitting Vol. I

March, 2014

five-star-reviewThis Book Was Really Great!
Clara McClenton

Soulsplitting Volume 1

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Soulsplitting Vol. 2

July, 2014

five-star-reviewJust as Good as the First!
Vonda Caprice Bell

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Soulsplitting Vol. 3

October, 2014

five-star-reviewLeRoy's Poems Continue to Touch Me!
Vonda Caprice Bell

Soulsplitting Volume 3

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Soulsplitting Vol. 4

January, 2015

five-star-reviewLeRoy's Books Leave You Wanting More!
Vonda B.

Soulsplitting Volume 4

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Soulsplitting Vol. 5

March, 2015

five-star-reviewI Would Say, He Saved the Best for Last!
Vonda B.

Soulsplitting Volume 5

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"If you ever feel trapped by your thoughts and feelings about life (the point of it all and what your purpose is), these books are a reminder of what's truly important in life. We all need to open our eyes, look around and appreciate what we have."