How love of mother inspired a life to change and share with others.

Leroy Flemming grew up in Phenix City, Alabama. He graduated from Central High School and played basketball. He attended Alabama State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the College of Business.

Looking to pursue his goals and dreams, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Once there, he worked hard to be a winner; but found little success, so he decided, along with some friends, to move once again. He moved to Orlando, Florida, where he was determined to make his mother proud.

On December 25, 1999, He told his mother, "I am almost there and I need you to hold on for me." Then his mother said to him, words he lives by, "I may give out, but I will never give up!" His mother passed away on January 1, 2000. This motivated LeRoy to begin writing.

His first series of books was Timelightenment. Currently, he has completed his five-book series, Soulsplitting. These two series are where Flemming pours out his soul. Within the pages of these books, he ponders his own life, dreams and the passing of his love and joy—his mother.

Flemming believes that as you begin reading his work, you will see a part of him is a part you and that we are all on this journey together—to learn what it is the purpose of life, what are we to do with the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years allotted to us. His focus on life leads him to question GOD about the loss of his mother and the loss of his dream. Is it possible to gain the motivation and continue forward, even though his light is not around anymore?

His works bear witness that one has to keep moving in order to find clarity and to find understanding. He knows that once you start reading and begin the journey, you won’t stop until you get to the end of both series.

LeRoy Flemming recommends everyone ought to journal their life’s journey—put it in writing. In doing so, when you review in the future, you will see the path you laid for yourself and how you achieved it.

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