Soulsplitting Vol. 1

Self Introspection, 2014

Contemplation Letter from LeRoy Flemming, as you complete Volume I. I hope you all begin to see that a part of me is a part of you and that no matter what we do, our lives are made to be lived to the fullest. We are made to have fun. We are made to find joy, love, peace and that DIVINE ENTITY! Love is a part of life; not just the love of people, but the love of nature, higher thinking and even love when an error is made. Through all of this, we gradually put the pieces together to find inner peace. Think about this: When you came into this world, what were you to do? If you didn't in tunnelknow as a child and no one clued you in what do you do, now that you're older and have the ability to reflect back and think forward, by standing in the present moment; what do you do now? Thank you and I hope you enjoy Volume I. LeRoy

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W. Clary - Amazon Review

"The written word begins with a thought. SOULSPLITTING's writer puts on paper thoughts of life's battles and victories for all who seek to understand each other and ourselves better. No more mundane days - Everyday is one to be appreciated! Thank you Leroy!"

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