Redirecting Your Life
How to Redirect Your Life
May 28, 2015
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Want Help with Dreams and Goals?

dreams and goals

Have you seen the movie The Secrect Life of Walter Mitty? If you have, you will follow my observation. If you have not, I hope you’ll watch it. I have to ponder the question, “What is life about and what does it mean?”

Walter MittyThere have been several great leaders, as well as our commoners. To me, there may never be a clear definition for you or me. I know we will work on this until the end of time. I have yet to be clear in my own life. When I sat down to watch Walter Mitty, I began to notice images of myself, plus the questions I had for myself. I will share them with you a little later and hope you will see my point of view.

Our world is constantly busy with mostly non-productive ideas. The media rarely reports on things that will get you on the path to your dreams and goals. Sometimes a movie can give you hope and allow you to peer into the goal-accomplishing process.

I will not mislead you, dreams and goal are hard to fulfill if you don’t have assistance. You cannot do this alone! Everyone needs help. You will need a ton of perseverance and massive action, according to Tony Robbins. Deepak has a book called Seven Spiritual Laws and Oprah has on her OWN network, a show called Master Class, and what each of these leaders are doing is getting you on the path to your dreams.

We all have a path we choose and we have to live these choices; but on this journey, they give a side note that you can make a turn and get back on course—if you want. I link these leaders to my goals, but I know it’s up to me to get this done. When I watched Walter Mitty, I saw the steps to living a life you want and it simply starts with taking a first step in the direction you want to go, and from there, your life will never be boring; it will be filled with excitement towards your dreams and goals. Here are a few questions I asked myself to get me on the path to my success.

  1. How does a dream start? In my head, I had visions of what I wanted to become. I thought what I wanted was a long shot and not achievable. What I now know is you have to take steps toward your dreams and goals. No one can do this for you. NO ONE!
  2. Why am I having these dreams of success? Why do I see success in my future? Do I proceed or do I ask a lot of questions and not advance? This is up to you. I had to move around a lot before I could get someone to help me. My life kept telling me to move so I can see more. Move so I can position myself for success. What do you do when your mind is telling you these things? You have to answer the call if your dreams are calling you!
  3. What do I do to realize my dreams? The one thing you can do is MOVE towards your dreams. You have to take action and see it through. Make sure your plan is sound and workable to go for it! What do you have to lose?
  4. smilingWhat do I do when I am living my dream? Smile is the first thing you should do. You and your team put in the work, so enjoy what you have accomplished; then set another goal and see if you can reach that one as well. Remember to give back and help someone else who is trying to do the same.

There are more questions than these and you MUST find the ones that will get you on the path to YOUR dreams. You have to give total focus to what you want, even if you have to work at a job before you get there. This may slow down the process, but you will get there and have a new life because of it.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty showed me these things. I know it’s just a movie; but movies can teach you if you allow them. To see my steps towards my goals, visit my websites: and You will catch me making my dreams real and I hope you will be inspired to do the same.

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  1. Cheryl. Mathews says:

    Whenever I feel a little lost I pick up one of my favorite books, in which Leroy has written many and listen to what he has to say on life. As you are reading through his books you will start to feel the same way as he does, like that could be me he’s writing about. The way in which Leroy expresses himself in words is just like he as standing right there with you as you read. God has truly given Leroy a great gift, A Very special soul ! Those lucky enough to have Leroy in their lives can just feel the aura of his soul all around when he’s next to you. Take your time in reading his journey in life in these books.You will love them….Enjoy..

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